A young woman, Grace Ushang who graduated from the University of Calabar and was posted to Borno State for her National Youth Service was raped in September 2009. Her body was found with evidence of the sexual assault and mutilated by stab wounds. She suffered a very brutal and agonising death.

Her family are inconsolable and in shock that their healthy daughter who left her home in Obudu, Cross River State to serve her nation was raped and murdered for wearing her official khaki trousers. Although government representatives have tried to offer financial compensation to her family, there is no details about the extent of investigations into her rape and murder.

Violence Against Women (VAW) is rising in Nigeria. The Nigerian Feminist Forum has sent out a call for petions. Please Take action by signing the petition urging the Government of Nigeria to investigate Grace Ushang’s death and enact a law prohibibing Violence Against Women.

The petition can be found at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Grace_Ushang_Petition/


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